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Often organizations work with multiple IT service providers for web design, development and hosting of websites or AMS/CRM applications. The more vendors involved, the lower the reliability and quality of web services, and this means increased costs and frustration for your organization. As your trusted Managed Technology Partner, OSIbeyond streamlines the entire web management process from design and development, to hosting, and the support of websites and applications. This makes managing your technology easier and more cost-effective.

Benefits of Managed Web

OSIbeyond’s Managed Web services benefit your organization in several ways:

First, OSIbeyond is not a web design/development firm. We only offer Managed Web services to existing Managed IT clients who are already using OSIbeyond for technical support and services. This allows OSIbeyond to focus on providing quality ongoing Managed Web services rather than moving from one project to another, which often results in neglected service for past clients.

Second, oftentimes web design and development firms which provide hosting services do not have the engineering skillset to really ensure site reliability and uptime. OSIbeyond’s eXos cloud platform is an enterprise grade infrastructure, designed by OSIbeyond’s network engineers to provide rock-solid web hosting services.

Third, OSIbeyond specializes in the WordPress platform because it is cost effective and easy to use. Once the development of your website is complete, OSIbeyond will train your staff on how to administer the website and manage content. Our goal is to enable clients to be self-sufficient and streamline the management of their web services.

Who is Managed Web for?

Managed Web services are appropriate for organizations which do not have in-house web design or development expertise, or that are not receiving quality service from existing web design, development, or hosting firms, and want to reduce the overall costs of managing web services.

Web Development

OSIbeyond specializes in WordPress development, from requirements gathering, to design, development, and maintenance. As a single source technology partner, OSIbeyond is in a position to consistently deliver the highest quality web services. Key benefits of OSIbeyond web services include:

  • Accountable Project Management
  • Rapid Change Request Response
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Reliable Customer Service

Web Hosting

OSIbeyond provides highly available (99.99%) and secure web hosting services, through OSIbeyond’s world-class eXos Premier Private Cloud platform. OSIbeyond is a cloud hosting provider with significant in-house engineering expertise. Try as they may, web design firms that venture into website hosting often deliver services with poor performance or too much downtime simply because they are not up to the task – they don’t have the technical expertise. OSIbeyond offers dedicated private environment, customizable and ideal for complex resource intensive sites.

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