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As a Managed Technology Partner, OSIbeyond offers complete Managed Communications services for your organization. eXos Unified Communications (UC) is a fully integrated solution based on Microsoft Skype for Business hosted by OSIbeyond. eXos UC is a single platform for telephony, conferencing, video, and collaboration all in one package. eXos UC is a completely cloud based solution and does not require any on-premise equipment.

Using more than one communication system, whether traditional phone systems, online conferencing solutions, or chat/collaboration platforms increases cost and complexity for your organization. Combining communication and collaboration solutions from multiple vendors further increases costs and operational complexities because many communication systems do not easily integrate with each other. Multiple collaboration solutions and multiple IT outsourcing companies put more complexity between you and fulfilling your mission, and that is more expensive for your organization.

Who is eXos UC for?

eXos UC is appropriate for organizations looking to update multiple legacy solutions (phone systems, meeting and conferencing services, and chat/collaboration) with a single communication and collaboration platform. eXos UC includes hosted Exchange email or can fully leverage an existing Office 365 deployment.

What does eXos UC include?

  • Cloud hosted phone system including auto attendant, voicemail, unlimited local and long distance, and phone hardware
  • User Presence, Instant messaging, and Skype connectivity
  • Online Meeting and Conferencing with HD video and audio for up to 100 people
  • Presentation and Collaboration including an individual conference bridge for each user

Business-ready phone

Get started fast with a cloud service that offers the features you expect from traditional phones, such as number porting, emergency calling, toll-free numbers, and unlimited domestic calling.

Cloud PBX

eXos UC is a fully cloud hosted PBX and supports call-management features such as hold, forward, transfer, and voicemail.

Managed service

Save the time and money you’d otherwise spend to install and maintain an on-premises telephony infrastructure.

Any device

Enable telephone calls from any device, including IP phones, Skype room systems, PCs, Mac, and mobile devices.

Built-in security

Protect your business with enhanced security features from encryption and security protocols to physical and operational security.

High availability

eXos UC guarantees 99.99% uptime for your phones lines with built-in redundancy and active load balancing.

Skype for Business Includes

Person-to-person calling

Skype for Business provides voice-over-IP (VoIP) calling over your network and the Internet to users in your company, Skype for Business users in other companies, and Skype consumer users around the world. Users can easily add video or content sharing to any call.

Dial by name, from Office

Reach people easily, when you need them, with a single touch or click from your contact list in Skype for Business, or the contact card in any Office application.

Skype connectivity

Connect, communicate, and collaborate with colleagues, consumers, other businesses, and friends and family—anyone who uses Skype—with both voice and HD video.

Anywhere access

Make and receive business calls in the office, at home, or on the road, using your business number on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or desk phone. With Office 365, your calls come to you.

Cloud PBX

eXos UC is a fully cloud hosted PBX that provides the features you need to eliminate traditional PBX systems and the associated costs.

Common calling features

Transfer, hold, and resume calls with a single touch. Let your assistant receive calls on your behalf. Answer calls for other people on your team when they’re unavailable.

Voice mail

Take advantage of built-in voice mail, integrated with Exchange, to quickly respond to missed calls

Encryption by default

Protect your privacy and your intellectual property with built-in encryption, enabled by default. No VPN needed.

Skype meetings

Skype meetings provide audio, video, and web conferencing on the Internet, with the ability to schedule a meeting in advance or start one at any time. Up to 250 people can join a meeting, using the smartphones, tablets, PCs, phones, and meeting room devices.

Single touch join

Join easily with a single touch or click from your calendar, meeting reminder, or the Skype for Business client.

Multi-party HD videoconferencing

Make video a more natural part of everyday business and collaboration, with 1080p resolution, and up to 6 people shown live simultaneously.

Content sharing

Focus on the things you're doing together, even when you’re far apart, with integrated real-time co-authoring, desktop sharing, application sharing, and PowerPoint presentations.

PSTN conferencing

PSTN conferencing allows anyone to join your Skype meetings using only a telephone. Useful for joining anytime a phone is more convenient than a tablet or PC, or anyplace without Internet access.

Local dial-in numbers

Easily join using the dial-in number automatically included in every Skype meeting invite, and choose a local dial-in number in many countries around the world to reduce calling charges.

Easy dial-out

Add a person to a Skype meeting in real-time simply by typing their phone number. Skype for Business dials them for you.

Meeting roster and controls

Use the Skype for Business meeting roster to see who has joined your meeting over the Internet and via phone, to see who’s speaking, and to mute people in noisy environments if needed.

Skype meeting devices

Extend the Skype meetings experience to every meeting space with audio, HD video, and content sharing.

Microsoft Surface Hubs

Unlock the power of the group with Microsoft Surface Hub, a powerful team collaboration device designed to advance the way people work together naturally.

Skype Room Systems

Transform meeting spaces ranging from small huddle areas to large conference rooms with a rich, collaborative Skype for Business experience that is simple to use, deploy, and manage. Start meetings on time with one-touch join, then instantly project to the display in the room and share to remote participants via their Skype for Business clients on smartphones or laptops.

Skype for Business apps and downloads

Use your smartphone, tablet, or PC for convenient business communications, including instant messaging, meetings, and voice. With a familiar Skype user experience, it’s easy to get started on Android™, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.
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