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Why OSIbeyond Managed IT?

Managing a full set of technology solutions from different providers can challenge many small and medium sized organizations. Managing technology is time consuming, requires deep technical knowledge, and depends on specialized staff that are not always available to nonprofits, associations, or small to medium sized businesses. OSIbeyond offers comprehensive managed IT services to handle your organization’s technology operations so you don’t have to.

IT services management includes everything from help-desk support, network management, and product procurement. As your end-to-end IT service provider, OSIbeyond completely manages your organization’s IT operation so that you can focus on your mission. Alternatively, certain elements of Managed IT services can be retained by your IT department. OSIbeyond’s flexible service model allows your organization to use Managed IT services in ways that best fit your in-house resources and needs.

Subscription Plan or Retainer Plan: A Choice to fit your Needs

OSIbeyond’s subscription plan provides your organization with unlimited remote, onsite, or after-hours IT support. Based on a monthly fixed fee model, your monthly fee is calculated based on the number of active users (employees) at the time of contract signing. Even if your user count fluctuates up or down, the monthly fee will remain the same until the next contract renewal. This plan suits organizations that do not have in-house IT resources, or require a high volume of support, or prefer stable, predictable monthly costs. Enjoy peace of mind with OSIbeyond’s fixed, predictable subscription plan.

OSIbeyond also offers flexible retainer based plans to fit your organization’s needs and budget. Support hours are deducted against retainer funds based on actual usage in 15 minute increments. And the base retainer fee is replenished each month. Any remainder funds at the end of each month rollover to the next month for up to 12 months. Pay for what you use and carry over unused funds. Flexible retainer plans are the most cost effective option for organizations with some in-house IT support.

Helpdesk Support

OSIbeyond offers complete helpdesk support as either onsite support or as remote/afterhours support by phone or email. During business hours, your staff can call the OSIbeyond helpdesk directly for urgent issues and receive immediate assistance. There is no hold time or call back. For routine issues, email a support request to the OSIbeyond helpdesk, and we will respond within two hours. If need be, we will dispatch an engineer to your office for complex issues that cannot be resolved remotely. Specific onsite support can also be requested ahead of time.

Outside of business hours, call the OSIbeyond afterhours helpdesk for urgent support requests, and our on-call engineer will respond within two hours. For routine issues outside of business hours, email a support request to the OSIbeyond helpdesk and we will respond the next business day.

By providing flexible support options, OSIbeyond ensures that your organization receives the right level of assistance when you need it.

Augmentation Support

OSIbeyond provides full augmentation IT support services for organizations that require dedicated onsite support. Your organization will be assigned a primary engineer who will your main point of contact. Your primary engineer will service your office onsite on a set schedule and will address all support issues during onsite visits.

OSIbeyond will also assign a secondary engineer to your organization as a backup. A Senior Engineer, the dedicated technical lead for your organization, will oversee all support requests and provide escalation support to your primary engineers.

Any support requests outside of the dedicated onsite support will be handled by OSIbeyond’s helpdesk. By combining Augmentation IT Support with Managed IT services, OSIbeyond ensures that your organization receives complete IT support coverage whenever you need it.

Network Management

As part of the Managed IT Services, OSIbeyond provides complete network operational management. This includes proactive 24x7 monitoring of all production systems, monthly maintenance and patching of servers, daily verification of backup logs, developing documentation and standard operating procedures, technology lifecycle and asset management, antivirus and anti-spam management, server and network administration, telephony management, and hardware/software procurement.

While network management consists of a comprehensive scope of work, OSIbeyond can tailor services to the specific needs of your organization. OSIbeyond ensures that all aspects of your IT operations receive the attention they need.

Application Management

OSIbeyond provides application management, including support of Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and SharePoint websites. OSIbeyond will serve your technology liaison and will work directly with your preferred software vendor for AMS, CMS, and Finance applications. Let OSIbeyond resolve applications issues for you so your staff can focus on their core responsibilities.

Product Procurement

As a premier technology partner with leading manufacturers such as Dell, Cisco, and Microsoft, OSIbeyond leverages its relationships to offer hardware and software products at a competitive price. And by procuring products through OSIbeyond, your organization realizes the following benefits:

  • Assurance that the appropriate product is selected and properly configured prior to procurement.
  • Streamlined procurement, delivery, and installation process handled by OSIbeyond from start to finish.
  • Inventory and asset management that ensures that new products are properly documented for lifecycle management.
  • Convenient invoicing as part of monthly services with OSIbeyond. Or, eliminate upfront costs altogether by procuring hardware through OSIbeyond’s subscription based Equipment Lifecycle Management service for a low monthly fee.

OSIbeyond facilitates the product procurement process and simplifies IT operational management for your organization.

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